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MATH 481 XGR - Vector and Tensor Analysis

Summer 2024

Vector and Tensor AnalysisXGR39531ONL3 -    Lee Xavier DeVille

Course Description

Introductory course in modern differential geometry focusing on examples, broadly aimed at students in mathematics, the sciences, and engineering. Emphasis on rigorously presented concepts, tools and ideas rather than on proofs. The topics covered include differentiable manifolds, tangent spaces and orientability; vector and tensor fields; differential forms; integration on manifolds and Generalized Stokes Theorem; Riemannian metrics, Riemannian connections and geodesics. Applications to configuration and phase spaces, Maxwell equations and relativity theory will be discussed. (

Credit Hours

3 hours


MATH 241 and one of MATH 415 or MATH 416 or equivalent.

Subject Area

  • Mathematics for Engineers