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ENG 471 - Seminar Energy & Sustain Engrg

Spring 2023

Seminar Energy & Sustain EngrgONC69615ONL1 -    John R Abelson
Seminar Energy & Sustain EngrgONL55717ONL1 -    John R Abelson

Course Description

Challenges of developing energy systems and civil infrastructure that are sustainable in terms of resource availability, security, and environmental impact are considered. Lectures will focus on (i) global challenges: future energy demand, geologic sources of energy, climate change, energy-water nexus, and energy and security; (ii) markets, policies and systems: economic incentives, policy and law, and life cycle analyses; and (iii) opportunities for change: CO2 sequestration, renewable power, bioenergy feedstocks, biofuels for transportation, energy use in buildings, advanced power conversion, and the smart grid.

Credit Hours

1 hour


Undergraduate degree in engineering or science.

Subject Area

  • Energy and Sustainability Engineering