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ENG 466 - High-Tech Venture Marketing

Summer 2016

High-Tech Venture MarketingONL35615ONL2 -    Shahbaz S. Gill

Course Description

With today’s highly competitive global markets, products cannot be created in a vacuum. Engineers (and inventors), as the product creators, must intimately understand the markets for which their products are created. Successful engineers understand the basic principles of marketing and sales and how these principles apply to product innovation. This course will introduce students to relevant marketing and sales topics and provide a foundation for applying these principles through the use of real-world cases. Topics include: engineering perspective on marketing and sales; customer-centric communication; establishing influence; methods of customer interaction; and channels of distribution, as well as the keys to marketing yourself.

Credit Hours

2 hours (counts toward the Strategic Technology Management or the Business Management for Engineers certificate)


Senior undergraduate standing or an undergraduate degree.

Subject Area

  • Engineering Management and Technology Entrepreneurship