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CEE 598 PSO - Plates & Shells Theory & Compu

Spring 2016

Plates & Shells Theory & CompuPSO57672ONL4 -     C. Armando Duarte

Course Description

Classical and first-order shear deformation plate and shell models: assumptions, applicability, valid boundary conditions for each model, analytical solutions; Finite element methods for plates and shells models: Convergence, instabilities, shear and membrane locking, implementation and verification of finite elements for plates and shells; Applications to relevant engineering problems: In plane loads and buckling, elastic foundations, boundary layer effects; and Introduction to high order hierarchical plates and shell models are covered in this course.

Credit Hours

4 hours


Undergraduate degree and a course in Structural Mechanics (CEE 471) or a Co-Requisite course in Finite Element Methods (CEE 570).

Subject Area

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering