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CEE 592 - Sustainable Urban Systems

Spring 2021

Sustainable Urban SystemsONL61987ONL41100 - 1220 T R    Lei Zhao

Course Description

The course covers the fundamental concepts of sustainability and resilience in urban systems, including the complex interactions among human, engineered, and natural systems. Project-based format, focusing on real-world problems solicited from government agencies, industry, and non-governmental organizations in one or more partnering cities. Students work in multidisciplinary teams with faculty advisors from multiple departments and colleges.

Credit Hours

4 hours


An undergraduate degree and one of ATMS 421, CEE 491, NRES 439, UP 456, UP 480, or equivalent course related to sustainable urban systems; and one of NRES 454, UP 418, GEOG 480, or equivalent course related to geographic information systems (GIS).

Subject Area

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering