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CEE 534 - Surface Water Quality Modeling

Spring 2017

Surface Water Quality ModelingONL62754ONL4 -    J Wayland Eheart

Course Description

This course covers mathematical modeling of the movement and fate of pollutants and other substances in streams, lakes, and other natural water bodies. Development of one-, two-, and three-dimensional differential conservation equations, one-, two-, and three-dimensional steady-state and transient solutions. Finite difference, finite element, and finite particle methods. Lagrangian and Eulerian formulations, diffusion and dispersion tensors, numerical dispersion, and solution stability. Kinetic relationships describing important physical, chemical, and biochemical water constituent transformation phenomena. Field or laboratory experiment in model calibration and verification.

Credit Hours

4 hours


Undergraduate Degree and a course in Intro Differential Equations (MATH 285), Env Eng Principles, Physical (CEE 442), and Environmental Fluid Mechanics (CEE 451).

Subject Area

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering