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CEE 498 STO - Theory & Creation of Structure

Fall 2022

Theory & Creation of StructureSTO59099E11 -     Ann Sychterz
Bill Baker
Juan Andres Torres Jimenez

Course Description

This course introduces new structural concepts and principles related to the creation of novel geometries, structures, and modern systems. The course also aims to instruct ways for engineers and architects to intuitively approach practical design problems and become insightful designers. New structural concepts and theories will be carefully applied to practical and real-world design projects globally. The course also introduces the concepts behind long-span and tall building design. Specific topics include: The importance of efficient geometry and design; Airy stress functions; Design of grid shells and cable nets; Form finding of trusses; Graphic statics and designing of forces; Maxwell Load path theorem; Geometric stiffness and force density; Virtual work and energy sizing; Michell trusses; Mechanisms and state of self-stress; Graphic kinematics; Geometry of surfaces; Tall building architecture and design.

Credit Hours

3 or 4 hours

Subject Area

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering