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CEE 498 CHO - Case Histories in Infrastructure Engineering

Summer 2016

Case Hist in Infra EngineeringCHO37491ONL1 -    Wilbur Greer

Course Description

The two types of case histories to be covered in this course will be CEE problems that are unique and challenging and require interdisciplinary knowledge and skills to propose solutions and CEE failure investigations that uncover the mechanisms behind projects that didn’t work as they were originally designed. All case history projects involve design and construction issues as well remediation of the problems. All will involve in-depth investigation of the problems, recommendations of data to collect, evaluations of the data provided, and development of solutions to the CEE challenge or failure. Students will also form teams for a semester project and present their evaluation, data, and viable solutions at the end of the course. Students will be graded on quizzes, participation in discussions, and the oral and written presentation of the team case history project.

Case history examples included in the course are movement of the 5,000-ton Cape Hatteras lighthouse, movement of two 1,050-ton nuclear reactor pressure vessels across 46 miles of roadway, construction quality control issue such as acceptable in-place concrete strength and other construction materials, and roadway/airfield facilities that experienced premature failures.

Credit Hours

3 hours

Subject Area

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering