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AE 485 - Spacecraft Environment and Interactions

Fall 2022

Spacecraft EnvironmentsONC77923OLC3 -    Deborah Levin
Spacecraft EnvironmentsONL72132ONL3 -    Deborah Levin

Course Description

The course focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of spacecraft aerodynamics and environment. It covers topics related to free molecular flows. Materials interactions and onboard sensor optical backgrounds caused by spacecraft neutral interactions, chemical reactions of materials with ambient atomic O, spacecraft glow, ion and chemical thrusters are studied. The plasma space environment, its connection to our sun, and the presence of the van Allen Belts and their affect on spacecraft charging for LEO and GEO conditions are discussed. Spacecraft shielding requirements due to plasma interactions and the space radiation environment are examined.

Credit Hours

3 or 4 hours


Subject Area

  • Aerospace Engineering