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AE 451 - Aeroelasticity

Fall 2020

AeroelasticityA51603ONL3 -    Andres Goza
AeroelasticityONL63687ONL3 -    Andres Goza

Course Description

In-depth examination of aerodynamic and dynamic structural phenomena associated with flexible airplanes and missiles; divergence of linear and nonlinear elastic lifting surfaces; effect of elastic and inelastic deformations on lift distributions and stability; elastic flutter of straight and swept wings; equations of disturbed motion of elastic and inelastic aircraft; dynamic response to forces, gusts, and continuous atmospheric turbulence; creep divergence of lifting surfaces; flutter in the presence of creep; and effect of temperature on inelastic divergence and flutter are covered in this course.

Credit Hours

3 or 4 hours


BS degree in engineering or science from an accredited college in the United States or an approved institution of higher learning abroad and a course in Aerospace Dynamical Systems (AE 352) or Intermediate Dynamics (TAM 412).

Subject Area

  • Aerospace Engineering