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AE 433 - Aerospace Propulsion

Fall 2022

Aerospace PropulsionONC70915ONL3 -    Joshua L. Rovey
Aerospace PropulsionONL63686ONL3 -    Joshua L. Rovey

Course Description

Fundamentals of rocket and airbreathing jet propulsion devices electric propulsion; prediction of thrust, combustion reactions, specific fuel consumption, and operating performance; ramjets; turbojets; turbofans; turboprops; aerothermodynamics of inlets, combustors, and nozzles; compressors, turbines; component matching, fundamentals of electrothermal, electromagnetic elastostatis thrusters, and solar sails are covered in this course.

Credit Hours

4 hours


BS degree in engineering or science from an accredited college in the United States or an approved institution of higher learning abroad and a course in Compressible Flow (AE 312) and PHYS 212 (University Physics: Elec & Mag).

Subject Area

  • Aerospace Engineering