Yu Hao Liu

  • Advisor:
      • John A. Rogers
  • Departments:
  • Areas of Expertise:
      • Prosthesis control
      • Biomedical sensors
      • Semiconductor
      • Wearable, Flexible Electronics
      • Micro-, Nano-fabrication
  • Thesis Title:
      • Skin-mounted Electronic Wearable Interfaces for Biomedical and Robotic Applications: From Materials, Circuit to Informatics
  • Thesis abstract:
      • The future of healthcare electronics should be flexible, stretchable and skin-integrated. Human skin contains a library of healthcare-related information. Vital signals from the brain, heart and muscles could be measured in-vivo on the skin to provide disease diagnosis, prosthesis controls and feedbacks. Wearable electronics with skin integration requires advance microfabrication strategies and materials consideration. We report a series of systematic studies from materials, circuit to signal processing on skin-mounted electronic wearable devices. Several types of Epidermal Electronic Systems (EES) are developed for applications in dermatology, cardiology, prosthesis, wireless powering and communication.
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