Matthew D Goodman

Matthew D Goodman
Matthew D Goodman
(217) 244-9253
210 Ceramics Building


  • Ph.D., University of Illinois, Materials Science and Engineering, 2014
  • M.S., Iowa State University, Materials Science and Engineering, 2009
  • B.S., summa cum laude, Iowa State Univeristy, Materials Science and Engineering, 2009

Academic Positions

  • Lecturer, University of Illinois, Materials Science and Engineering, 2014-present

Resident Instruction

  • MSE 395 - Senior Design

Research Interests

  • Engineering Education
  • K-12 Engineering Outreach
  • Unique Templating of Materials
  • Energy Storage
  • Energy Harvesting

Chapters in Books

  • J. Wang, L. Zhao, M. Goodman, and Z. Lin, Semiconducting nanostructures for new energy generating and novel bio-detecting. Encyclopedia of semiconductor nanotechnology, American Scientific Publishers (2011).

Selected Articles in Journals

  • Choi, H. H., & Chen, Y. W., & Beckman, A. M., & Anderson, L., & Johnson, B. E., & Goodman, M. D., & Migotsky, C., & Johnson-Glauch, N. (2018, June), Integrative Engineering Leadership Initiative for Teaching Excellence (iELITE) Paper presented at 2018 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • K.W. Tan, J. Werner, M. Goodman, H.S. Kim, B. Jung, H. Sai, P.V. Braun, M. Thompson and U. Wiesner, Synthesis and Formation Mechanism of All-Organic Block Copolymer-Directed Templating of Laser-Induced Crystalline Silicon Nanostructures, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 10, 42777-42785 (2018). DOI: 10.1021/acsami.8b12706
  • J. Liu, Q. Zheng, M.D. Goodman, H. Zhu, J. Kim, N.A. Krueger, H. Ning, X. Huang, J. Liu, M. Terrones and P.V. Braun, Graphene Sandwiched Mesostructured Li-Ion Battery Electrodes, Advanced Materials, 28, 7696-7702 (2016). DOI: 10.1002/adma.201600829
  • S.-K. Kim, E. Jung, M.D. Goodman, K.S. Schweizer, N. Tatsuda, K. Yano and P.V. Braun, Self-Assembly of Monodisperse Starburst Carbon Spheres into Hierarchically Organized Nanostructured Supercapacitor Electrodes, ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces, 7, 9128-9133 (2015).
  • M.D. Goodman, S. Kim, N. Tatsuda, K. Yano and P.V. Braun, Enhanced secondary battery anodes based on Si and Fe3O4 nanoparticle infill monodisperse carbon starburst colloidal crystals, Particle & Particle Systems Characterization, 32, 928-933 (2015).
  • J. Liu, N. Li, M. Goodman, H. Zhang, E. Epstein, B. Huang, Z. Pan, J. Kim, J.H. Choi, X.-J. Huang, J. liu, K. Hsia, S. Dillon and P.V. Braun, Mechanically and Chemically Robust Sandwich-Structured C@Si@C Nanotube Array Li-ion Battery Anodes, ACS Nano, 9, 1985-1994 (2015).
  • M. Goodman, K. Arpin, A. Mihi, N. Tatsuda, K. Yano, P. Braun, Enabling New Classes of Templated Materials through Mesoporous Carbon Colloidal Crystals, Adv. Optical Mat. (2013) 1, 300.
  • K. Schlichting, T. M. Copeland-Johnson, M. Goodman, R. J. Lipert, T. O. McKinley, Z. Lin, J. A. Martin, T. Prozorov, X. Liu, S. Mallapragada, Synthesis of a novel photopolymerized nanocomposite hydrogel for treatment of acute mechanical damage to cartilage, Acta Biomaterialia, (2011) 7, 3094.
  • M. Goodman, L. Zhao, K. DeRocher, J. Wang, S. Mallapragada, Z. Lin, Self-Assembly of CdTe Tetrapods into Network Mono layers at the Air/Water Interface, ACS Nano (2010) 4, 2043.
  • L. Zhao, M. Goodman, N. Bowden, Z. Lin, Self-assembly of an ultra-high-molecular-weight comb block copolymer at the air-water interface, Soft Matter (2009) 5, 4698.
  • M. Goodman, J. Xu, J. Wang, Z. Lin, Semiconductor conjugated polymer quantum dot nanocomposites at the air/water interface and their photovoltaic performance. Chemistry of Materials (2009) 21, 934.


  • “Method for Forming Carbon Opal Templates and Their Use in Forming Inverse Opals,” issued Tuesday October 16, 2018, patent number 10,099,965.
  • “High Surface Area Carbon Opals and Inverse Opals Obtained Therefrom,” issued Tuesday, May 9th, 2017, patent number 9,643,894

Professional Societies

  • American Society for Engineering Education
  • Materials Research Society

Service on Campus Committees

  • Faculty Senate (Fall 2015-present)

Teaching Honors

  • List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent for Fall 2019 (2020)
  • List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent for Summer 2018 (2018)
  • List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent for Summer 2017 (2017)
  • List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent for Fall 2016 (2017)
  • List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent for Fall 2015 (2016)
  • Collins Scholar, College of Engineering, University of Illinois (2015)

Recent Courses Taught

  • CS 591 TA - Advanced Seminar
  • ENG 198 IEF - IEFX Research
  • ENG 598 TL (ENG 598 TL2) - Teaching and Leadership 2
  • MSE 101 - Materials in Today's World
  • MSE 206 - Mechanics for MatSE
  • MSE 280 A (MSE 280 B) - Engineering Materials
  • MSE 395 - Materials Design
  • MSE 398 A - Materials Design Thinking

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