Josh Long
Josh Long


  • Ph.D., Physics, Johns Hopkins University, 1998


Josh Long received a B.A. in physics from Amherst College in 1989, where he did a thesis on high-Tc superconductors, soon after the discovery of those compounds. He earned a Ph.D. in physics from Johns Hopkins University in 1998, helping to construct the NOMAD experiment at CERN and using that experiment to set preliminary constraints on muon-tau neutrino oscillations in the limit of large (~ 5 eV) neutrino mass differences. From 1997-2002 he was a postdoctoral associate at the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he conducted a test of the gravitational inverse-square law at sub-millimeter distance scales. From 2002-2005 he was a staff scientist at the Los Alamos National Lab, where he studied the dielectric properties of large volumes of superfluid helium in support of the neutron Electric Dipole Moment (nEDM) experiment at the Oak Ridge Spallation Neutron Source. From 2005-2021 he was on the faculty at Indiana University, Bloomington, first as a research scientist then as an assistant and associate professor of physics. At Indiana he continued his gravity experiments, extending their sensitivity to shorter ranges and using them to test Lorentz invariance, and began related experiments to search for exotic spin-dependent forces and axion-like particles. He also continued collaboration on the nEDM experiment, constructing a large, custom dilution refrigerator for the 1200 liters of superfluid needed for that experiment.

Academic Positions

  • Professor of Physics, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, 2021-present
  • Associate Professor of Physics, Indiana University, Bloomington, 2016-present
  • Assistant Professor of Physics, Indiana University, Bloomington, 2008-2016
  • Assistant Scientist, Indiana University, Bloomington, 2005-2008
  • Staff Scientist, Los Alamos National Laboratory, 2002-2005
  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Colorado, Boulder, 1997-2002

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