Hua Li
Hua Li

Administrative Titles

Adjunct Research Associate Professor
(217) 326-3122
3146F Everitt Laboratory

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Academic Positions

  • Research Associate Professor, BioEngineering Department
  • Research Associate Professor, Carle Illinois College of Medicine
  • Medical Physicist, Carle Cancer Center, Urbana, IL

Research Interests

  • Image-guided adaptive radiation therapy
  • Functional image-based tumor response assessment and predication
  • Task-based medical imaging quality assessment
  • Medical imaging and image analysis for diagnosis and radiation therapy
  • Multi-modality imaging and image analysis techniques

Research Areas

  • Biomedical imaging
  • Early cancer detection
  • Signal processing

Research Topics

  • Bioimaging at Multi-Scale
  • Computational and Systems Biology

Recent Courses Taught

  • BIOE 497 HLI - Individual Study

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