David Heath

David Heath
David Heath
  • Assistant Professor

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Articles in Conference Proceedings

  • David Heath, Vladimir Kolesnikov, and Rafail Ostrovsky. Tri-state circuits: A circuit model that captures RAM. In IACR Crypto, 2023
  • David Heath, Vladimir Kolesnikov, and Rafail Ostrovsky. EpiGRAM: Practical garbled RAM. In Orr Dunkelman and Stefan Dziembowski, editors, EUROCRYPT 2022, Part I, volume 13275 of LNCS, pages 3–33. Springer, Heidelberg, May / June 2022
  • David Heath and Vladimir Kolesnikov. Stacked garbling - garbled circuit proportional to longest execution path. In Daniele Micciancio and Thomas Ristenpart, editors, CRYPTO 2020, Part II, volume 12171 of LNCS, pages 763–792. Springer, Heidelberg, August 2020


  • National Science Foundation Secure and Trustworthy CyberspaceMedium Award “New Constructions for Garbled Computation” Principal Investigator: David Heath. Award: USD 1,200,000. UIUC subward: USD 400,000 (2023)
  • Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award Georgia Tech College of Computing (2023)

Recent Courses Taught

  • CS 591 SP - Security and Privacy
  • CS 598 DH - Secure Computation
  • ECE 407 (CS 407) - Cryptography

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