Charu Gupta Kumar

Charu Gupta Kumar
Charu Gupta Kumar
  • Research Assistant Professor
(217) 300-7464
3146D Everitt Laboratory

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Research Statement

My research is in the areas of systems biology and computational genomics. Our group conducts research in three principal areas: complex neurological diseases, metabolic networks in bacterial pathogens and microbiome, evolution of gene networks in model organisms. Questions of interest include studying how diseases and pathogens may have created molecular novelties operant in the constituent pathways, and what mechanisms are at play in generating these novelties, which could then be studied for their potential as drug-targets. We use computational genomics, bioinformatics, and systems biology approaches which include gene network analysis, '-omics' database and network mining, comparative genomics, and metabolic modeling. The latter approach is used in context of identifying changes in metabolic networks in microbial pathogens or environmental metagenomic samples, which arise as a result of variations in their environmental niches.

Research Topics

  • Computational and Systems Biology
  • Research in BME Education

Selected Articles in Journals

  • Lewin HA, Larson, JH and Kumar CG. Comparative Mammalian Genomics and Adaptive Evolution: Divergent Homologs and Novel Genes in the Cattle Genome. In: S.P. Wasser (ed.) Evolutionary Theory and Processes: Modern Horizons, Papers in Honor of Eviator Nevo, 2003. Kluwer Academic Publishers,The Netherlands.

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