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Strategic Research Initiatives

Realizing FOCI (Focusing Optical Concentrators That Are Integrated)

Lynford L Goddard: Electrical and Computer Engineering

Kimani C. Toussaint Jr: Mechanical Science and Engineering

Research Goals

The research objectives are to fuse a diverse portfolio of technologies for developing a unified theory that can help to construct the desired FOCIs and demonstrate a proof-of-concept prototype. These complementary technologies, in-cluding semi-analytic electromagnetic modeling, inverse optimization, engineered materials, semiconductor fabrica-tion processes, microfluidics, optical cavity, and multimode interferometers (MMIs) and multi-slot waveguides (MSWs), will be combined to create a new generation of optical concentrator that is integrable for potentially nu-merous areas of applied research.

Current Activities

  • Analyzing the output field property of various FOCIs
  • Optimizing the geometrical topologies of FOCIs
  • Developing a multi-FOCI based device for optical trapping
  • Fabricating both in-plane and out-of-plane FOCI device arrays
  • Evaluating FOCI for concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) technology.