Student Impact Stories

Dana Yun

  • Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

Grainger Engineer, 2022

My parents moved to the United States to attend the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. I was born and raised here, so the University of Illinois is my home.

Meet Dana Yun

Jeremy Quinteros

  • Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

Grainger Engineer, 2022

I am a first-generation college student in my family, and I greatly appreciate the support I’ve been given to accomplish my goals.

Meet Jeremy Quinteros

Jacob Perakis

  • Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

Computer Science, 2021

“This scholarship made it possible for my family to send me, my brother, and my sister to college for an affordable price. We are on track to be the first in our family to complete a college degree.”

Meet Jacob Perakis

Oscar Zepeda

  • Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, 2022

“I am inspired to pay things forward by being a role model to those within my community and within my program, and to do my best to contribute in any way possible to society.”

Meet Oscar Zepeda

Vongai Tizora

  • Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

Bioengineering, 2022

“Being surrounded by such extraordinary resources and students is a great source of motivation and inspiration for me.”

Meet Vongai Tizora

Lauren Schissler

  • Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

Civil Engineering, 2022

“I am very thankful to receive financial assistance to attend Illinois Engineering. As a student here, I plan to pay it forward by being welcoming to all students to help create a positive community. Once I have achieved success and have financial resources of my own, I hope to be able to give someone else the same opportunities that I have at Illinois by potentially becoming a donor myself. I would be honored to help a deserving person attend Illinois Engineering, opening up a world of possibilities.”

Meet Lauren Schissler

Anthony Crawley, Jr.

  • Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

Mechanical Engineering, 2022

“This scholarship makes it that much more important for me to fulfill my dreams. These donors believe in me and have helped me in my academic journey. They have helped to change not only my life, but also the world. Furthermore, it makes me want to do the same for the next generation after I leave this university.”

Meet Anthony Crawley, Jr.

Anna Rodgriguez

  • Engineering Visionary Scholarship Recipient

Computer Science, 2021

“It would be an honor if after I graduate I have the ability to give a donation to a student in my current position.”

Meet Anna Rodgriguez