Hands-on learning delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Hands-on learning is delivered during the COVID-19 pandemic thanks to donor support

"Before college, I had never worked with sensors, resistors, capacitors, ICs, etc. Being able to use my hands to create was important to me. In ECE 110 and 120, I was able to understand how the hardware and software combine to create some really cool projects. The projects that I loved would not be possible without the use of the lab kits and I would not have gotten to do hands-on work during my first year on campus.”

Pallavi Narayana, BS Computer Engineering ‘20

Last fall, Grainger Engineering’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) designed lab kits to replicate the instrumentation and materials that students would have had access to in person. These kits included everything from wires, breadboards, and circuit components to a USB-powered test and measurement instrument that brings typical lab equipment such as oscilloscopes, waveform generators, and power supplies to the students’ laptops. 2,800 free lab kits were sent to students for all courses that required them, and we saw great success - more than 90% of our students completed all the hardware labs successfully.

Our lab kits have transformed how we deliver education. This academic year, thanks to the support of our donors, nearly 2,000 free lab kits were made available to Grainger Engineers. These kits will allow our students to test their skills and ideas before using our larger, professional lab equipment, in-person.

The generosity of our donors has allowed us to flexibly and quickly respond to the needs of our students. Together, we can provide the resources our outstanding students need as they pursue their academic ambitions during this challenging time.

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Support to the Grainger Engineering Priority Fund provides vital, unrestricted funding that allows us to strategically invest in critical initiatives and supports our most pressing needs - including how we respond in times of global crisis.

Among the many ways gifts to the Grainger Engineering Priority Fund supports The Grainger College of Engineering, the generosity of our alumni and friends allows us to address challenges, both new and those we can’t anticipate.

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