Richard M. Spriggs

To Richard M. Spriggs, engineer, educator, administrator, and leader for his pioneering work in advanced ceramic materials, their processing, structure, and behavior, and for his leadership as an educator and in professional organizations and societies.

Staff Director, Board of Assessment of National Bureau of Standards Programs and Senior Staff Officer and Project Director, National Materials Advisory Board, National Research Council, National Academy of Sciences, Washington D.C.

  • MS, Ceramic Engineering, 1956
  • PhD, Ceramic Engineering, 1958

Richard Moore Spriggs is internationally recognized for his pioneering efforts in advanced ceramic materials-their processing, structure, and behavior. His research interests have stressed the development of an understanding of unusual processing techniques, such as hot pressing, pressure sintering, and press forging of ceramic oxides, including electronic ceramic materials.

Spriggs oversees all aspects of the Board on Assessment of National Bureau of Standards Programs and its 19 panels, which review and evaluate the technical functions and operations of the various centers, institutes, and laboratories of the bureau, examining broad technical policy and providing guidance and general oversight. He has also served as project director for a series of critical assessments of topical areas, such as fuel cells and battery materials technologies, materials substitution and minerals resources technologies assessments, national minerals policy planning process, shock compression chemistry and dynamic compaction of powders, and the status of high-technology ceramics in Japan.

Current as of 1988.