John D. Nyquist

To John D. Nyquist, engineer and industrial executive, for outstanding engineering accomplishments in building, nurturing, and leading a manufacturing facility that is one of the recognized models of industrial efficiency in the United States.

Vice President, Emeritus and Consultant, Collins Radio Company, Dallas, Texas, and Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • BS, Mechanical Engineering, 1941

Industrial engineering activities under Mr. Nyquist's direction have made substantial contributions in the areas of standard cost data, work measurement, production line simulation, and computer applications. In one program under his guidance, test standard data were developed which assigned times to electrical test labor functions, a major cost factor for a quality-conscious producer of complex electronic equipment such as Collins Radio.

Under Mr. Nyquist, technical management techniques have been applied to all facets of the organization and operations of the Cedar Rapids region of the company. His vigorously pursued cost-reduction efforts within the framework of the company's philosophy of never compromising on quality resulted in a commendation for the company by President Lyndon Johnson and NASA Administrator James Webb. In 1966 he received the American Institute of Industrial Engineer's Award for Outstanding Achievement in Management.

Although he retired in 1972, Mr. Nyquist has been retained as a consultant to the company.

Current as of 1977.