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Industry Partners: How to Engage with our Students

Capstone Projects 

Do you have a project or problem that you would like for talented, career-focused graduate students to take on? Consider a capstone project with Illinois Engineering’s professional master’s programs.

Under the supervision of faculty, graduate students in the professional master’s program integrate advanced technical knowledge in a real-world project experience sponsored by an industry client.

At the start of the semester, students develop a project plan, including a budget, in collaboration with the industry client.  The plan may include research, design, development, analysis, prototype build, test, and evaluation with emphasis on deliverables that are reasonable given the project duration and of importance to the industry client. Projects may be assigned to one student or a small team of students.  Students interact on a regular basis throughout the semester with the industry representative through webinars or Skype meetings.  On occasion, the client may request the student(s) to travel to the client’s site for an in-person meeting. 

Additional details can be found in our Industry Client Guide.

For more information, please contact, Capstone Project Coordinator for the Office of Graduate, Professional and Online Programs.

Other Ways to Engage


Interested in hiring a professionally-oriented master’s student for internships, practicums, or other postgraduate employment? Contact Dallas Johnson to learn more about recruitment.

Tech Talks and Career Development Seminars

In addition, the College of Engineering Office of Graduate, Professional, and Online Programs invites interested staff to participate as a guest speaker for technical talks and career development seminars.  For more information, please contact Laura Pew, Capstone Project Coordinator, for more information.

Students and teacher working together