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ENG 561 - Managing Advanced Technol II

Summer 2014

Managing Advanced Technol IIONL36224ONL1 -    Bruce A Vojak

Course Description

This course builds on the foundation laid in GE 560, Managing Advanced Technology I, by addressing relevant case studies. Additionally, guest speakers from industry contribute lectures to provide current and relevant topics of consideration.

Course Objectives: To enable students to succeed in industrial advanced technology groups by building skills in:

  • Setting business-appropriate goals for their own work and that of their colleagues, and
  • Effectively communicating the purpose and results of their work to technical and non-technical management.

Credit Hours

1 hour (counts toward either the Business Management for Engineers or the Strategic Technology Management certificate.)


Undergraduate degree and ENG 560 (Previously GE 560/GE 598 BV2) "Managing Advanced Technology I" must be completed before enrolling in ENG 561.

Subject Area

  • Engineering Management and Technology Entrepreneurship