ECE 598 HRO - Human Robot Interaction

Spring 2022

Human Robot InteractionHRO34018OLC41400 - 1520 T R     Katie Driggs-Campbell

Course Description

This course focuses on the mathematical and algorithmic tools that allow us to design and control robots that interact with people and gives an overview of what is required for guaranteeing safety in interactive settings on physical systems. Topics include advanced robotics, levels of autonomy, decision making and control, artificial intelligence, human-in-the-loop control, and human-robot interaction. Students will practice essential research skills including critiquing papers, debating, reviewing, writing project proposals, and presenting ideas effectively.

Credit Hours

4 hours


Undergraduate degree and ECE 470 or ABE 424 or ECE 484; ECE 448 / CS 440. Familiarity with decision-making, controls, and optimization is recommended, but not required.

Subject Area

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering