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ECE 210 ON1 - Analog Signal Processing

Summer 2022

Analog Signal ProcessingON140789ONL40900 - 1020 MTWRF    Xu Chen
Analog Signal ProcessingON140789ONL41600 - 1750 W    Xu Chen

Course Description

This course covers analog signal processing, with an emphasis on underlying concepts from circuit and system analysis: linear systems; review of elementary circuit analysis; differential equation models of linear circuits and systems; Laplace transform; convolution; stability; phasors; frequency response; Fourier series; Fourier transform; active filters; and AM radio.

Credit Hours

4 hours


Credit is not given for both ECE 210 and ECE 211. Prerequisite: ECE 110 and PHYS 212; credit or concurrent registration in MATH 285 or MATH 286.

Subject Area

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering