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CEE 498 CIO - Civil Information Systems

Spring 2015

Civil Information SystemsCIO59147ONL4 -    Joshua Michael Peschel

Course Description

This course introduces students to experimental instrumentation, acquisition, processing, and storage of CEE-based data at multiple scales of volume, variety, velocity, and veracity; it will also provide a thorough overview and equip students with a working knowledge of modern informatics (e.g., GIS, cloud computing, etc.) as applied to the domain of civil and environmental engineering. Students will analyze and develop sensing and informatics-based solutions to open-ended design problems in primarily cyber-physical system areas of construction management and materials, environmental engineering and science, environmental hydrology and hydraulic engineering, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering, and transportation engineering.

Credit Hours

4 hours


The course projects may be able to stimulate new research topics; therefore, this course will be of significance to graduate students and the greater CEE research environment. This course may also be suitable for students from other related disciplines (e.g., computer science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, biological and agricultural engineering).

Subject Area

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering