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CEE 446 - Air Quality Engineering

Fall 2013

Air Quality EngineeringONL50455ONL3 -    Mark J Rood

Course Description

This course provides a description and application of chemical and physical principles related to air pollutants, aerosol mechanics, attenuation of light in the atmosphere, air quality regulation, generation of air pollutants, methods to remove gaseous and particulate pollutants from gas streams, and atmospheric dispersion.

Course Topics:

  • Background Information
  • Sources of Industrial Air Pollution
  • General Methods to Control the Generation and Emission of Contaminants into the Atmosphere
  • Particulate Contaminant Control
  • Gaseous Contaminant Control
  • Meteorological Considerations
  • Dispersion of Air Contaminants

Credit Hours

4 hours (counts toward a certificate in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering)


Environmental engineering and introductory fluid mechanics courses.

Subject Area

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering