BIOE 570 - Seminar Series

Spring 2021

Seminar SeriesLEC63432ONL10900 - 1050 F    Catherine Alicia Best-Popescu
Seminar SeriesLEO67341ONL1 -    Catherine Alicia Best-Popescu

Course Description

Guest topics will vary, but will typically cover topics of current interest relevant to the bioengineering field. Lecture and discussion on topics relevant to the development, regulatory approval, marketing, and application of systems used in the fields of biomedical imaging, life science research, and pharmaceutical discovery are covered in this course. Also, emphasis upon case studies on topics that will include regulatory approval, intellectual property, strategy, and technology innovation.

Credit Hours

1 hour


For students enrolled in the M.Eng. in Bioengineering degree program.

Subject Area

  • Bioengineering