Communicate our Achievements and Capabilities

The Grainger College of Engineering transforms the lives of individuals and solves global challenges through research, service, education, innovation and economic development. To raise awareness and pride amongst our alumni, encourage external stakeholders to partner with us, and improve our already excellent reputation, we will:

  • Develop consistent messaging based on our identity, core values and our vision
  • Build stronger connections to prospective and current students, alumni, friends, peers, members of the general public and partners
  • Elevate and expand advancement marketing and communications

Our messaging will be values-driven and externally focused. To strengthen and better coordinate our communications efforts, we will:

  • Engage faculty and staff in the development of compelling and effective messages
  • Activate our alumni network to widely share our messages
  • Assess and improve our marketing operational structures
  • Optimize hiring, retention and utilization of marketing and communications staff across the College
  • Establish better coordination mechanisms across all units of the College
  • Develop shared tools, IT infrastructure and resources for marketing in the digital media age

As a result of our efforts, the recognition of our achievements, resources, capabilities and impact is expected to be reflected in evaluations made by peer engineering deans and recruiters to levels exceeding those reported during the past decade. The College marketing and communications staff will take the lead in this initiative by assessing the organization’s efforts and establishing goals and expectations.

Major Initiatives

This strategic direction encompasses five major initiatives:

  • Assessing and improving marketing operations
  • Developing a community of world-class marketing staff at all levels of the College
  • Enhancing coordination and consistency across platforms and across units
  • Investing in new avenues to increase the visibility of our research, education and interdisciplinary innovation in the digital media age
  • Fostering faculty engagement for greater marketing impact and reach