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CEE 435 ONL - Public Health Engineering

Fall 2023

Public Health EngineeringONL78345ONL3 -    Vishal Verma

Course Description

Aimed at building a next generation of engineers who are able to incorporate the principles of public health in all engineering designs. The course starts with the basic principles of epidemiology (types, methods, models and limitations). Next, the course covers various modes of environmental toxicity and the models to represent these modes. The course then covers infectious diseases, various models to represent their spread, the effect of environmental factors and the role of public health in breaking the chain of infection. The course also discusses environmental, social and behavioral factors in public health (e.g. environmental tobacco smoke including E-vaping) in the prevalence of chronic diseases. Finally, we cover the topics on public health risk assessment and management. In every aspect of the topic, the role of engineering in solving the problems of public health is explored and emphasized.

Credit Hours

3 or 4 hours


Subject Area

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering