Giving Impact Stories

Vanessa Blas

Systems Engineering, 2023

Due to the pandemic, I lost my job and so this scholarship has helped me to a great extent. I am able to pay for tuition and my rent which means a lot to me. Receiving this scholarship inspires me to pay it forward. In the future I hope to create a non-profit organization and help bring advancing technologies to low-income community schools.

I choose The Grainger College of Engineering to pursue my degree because I enjoy the academic challenge from my courses as well as working alongside open-minded students who have different ideas and backgrounds and can come together to create different solutions to various different problems. Receiving this scholarship influenced my decision to enroll in The Grainger College of Engineering because I enjoy the rigorous program that the university offers and having this scholarship to help me attend this has been a great opportunity.

I want to become an engineer because engineers create change in the way we live and I want to be a part of this change. Systems Engineering is very interdisciplinary which is something that I enjoy and get to explore a bit of different majors through the secondary field option. After I graduate I hope to get a job, a dream job would be working at Tesla or hold a position that creates technologies for the environment.