Giving Impact Stories

Ryan Lake

Civil Engineering, 2022

This scholarship allows me to have more financial stable during these challenging times and allows me to continue to focus on my studies and research. My internship's hours this summer were cut in half due to the pandemic and this scholarship greatly helps my financial security. I really appreciate my scholarship support because it gives me the opportunity and motivation to work harder on how transportation systems can be reimagined in the future.

I have always wanted to become an engineer. I am deeply concerned with sustainability and climate change and think that the only way to solve this issue is through engineering. I decided to go into Civil Engineering because it allows me to focus on large projects that when done right can be very sustainable. I am the Vice President for Engineers Without Borders and manage four international engineering projects that we are working on and had the opportunity to travel to Ecuador in January 2020 to work on a water distribution system we are working on there. I am also involved in research with Dr. Ann Witmer examining the motivations for stakeholders in engineering projects and what makes a project successful.

My dream job is to work on transportation projects and have the opportunity to use sustainable and green infrastructure at every point possible. Utilizing solar panels, permeable pavements, and transportation efficiency can help to make our cities more green and efficient.