Giving Impact Stories

Adam Zuiker

Mechanical Engineering, 2024

Receiving my scholarship heavily influenced my decision to enroll in The Grainger College of Engineering. Not only did it allow me to attend one of the nation's top engineering programs for significantly less than other schools, but it made me feel like Grainger Engineering really wanted me and everything I could offer.

Because I don't have to work a job on campus, I have more time to get involved, pursue my passions, and discover what different fields of research are like. I am involved in American Society of Mechanical Engineers and am also a part of Off-Road Illini Baja SAE, where we design an off-road racing vehicle over the course of the year. I am also the treasurer on my residence hall's executive board, and I participate in Illini Swim Club.

I am so thankful for my scholarship! It is improving my college experience, and I can't wait to pay it forward by giving back to the school and world with my creativity and innovations that come out of my time in The Grainger College of Engineering and beyond. I originally wanted to become an engineer because I loved roller coasters. However, since then my innate curiosity with how things work, especially moving systems and machinery, has driven me into mechanical engineering.