Giving Impact Stories

Robin De Lara

Grainger Engineer, 2022

The scholarship has allowed me to focus more on my classes instead of worrying over getting enough hours at my job. It has also made my parents’ lives easier as they do not have to worry about the financial situation during these troubling times.

I'm now able to focus more on activities that I'm more passionate about. I'm currently the president of Engineering Ambassadors and a part-time worker for the Grainger Undergraduate Programs Office. My scholarship support makes me want to work harder everyday so that this gift does not go to waste.

I wanted to become an engineer simply because I wanted to help the world. Engineers are the ultimate agents of help through science and technology and I thought this was the coolest thing ever. Also, my brother was an engineer and he was a huge inspiration in my life. Once I complete my undergraduate degree, I want to pursue graduate school and possibly work at NASA one day.