Giving Impact Stories

Nick Rivera

Grainger Engineer, 2015

I currently work as an Asset Management Analyst at IFM Investors, an Australian Infrastructure Investment Firm. I essentially function as an internal strategy and operations consultant, working to improve operations within our portfolio companies and working across our portfolio on initiatives like Safety and Diversity & Inclusion.

I believe those who experience success have an obligation to help others experience success. I have been fortunate enough to pay my experiences forward to Illinois, because I personally have benefited much from my time there. I have contributed my time to Illinois through recruitment and mentorship efforts and serving on the Knights of St. Patrick selection committee, as well as by giving financially to a college scholarship fund. I expect these contributions to continue to grow as I grow in my career.

Something I have prided myself on is having the opportunity to be a person of color who has contributed to The Grainger College of Engineering and the Illinois campus. My favorite memories have been those where I felt like I could meaningfully contribute to the student experience of those in underrepresented communities. Illinois certainly made that possible.

The COVID-19 crisis flipped the world on its head and exposed severe shortcomings in the world’s ability to effectively address global health crises. Grainger Engineering’s response further proves that Grainger Engineers are among the most innovative in the world, and the Carle College of Medicine will make Illinois a global leader in public health innovation. The pandemic certainly has strengthened my perspective on philanthropy to the college and the ability of Grainger Engineering students and alumni to rise to the challenge.