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Giving Impact Stories

Dana Yun

Grainger Engineer, 2022

Receiving scholarship support has allowed my family and I to stay out of debt and focus on my future. It has allowed me to focus on my academic studies and pursue projects that I am passionate about. Through these experiences, I have been able to learn so much more about the field I am in, the available opportunities, and what I want to further pursue.

My current direction is to dive into humanitarian research; water desalination, sustainable materials, and other projects that contribute to a greener world! The climate crisis is the number one issue facing our world and solutions are urgently needed. I hope to contribute to this effort that our entire species is fiercely tackling.

This last Spring semester, I was able to study abroad in Madrid, Spain. I had never been to Europe and always dreamed about studying abroad; this scholarship made it possible for me to consider this option. As we know, COVID-19 hit Europe early so students were required to evacuate in mid-March. Still, I was able to spend half of my program in Spain and am extremely grateful for those short two and a half months. Taking myself out of the physical space of my daily habits helped me re-evaluate the way I live my life. Especially going to a country where the culture emphasizes relaxation and interpersonal relationships, rather than the 24/7 work culture of the USA. This new perspective helped me to see a new potential reality and I will be applying these experiences as I move forward. Although my adventures were cut short, I am still so appreciative for the opportunity and for all the lessons learned.

My family is incredibly grateful for my scholarships and how they have allowed me to shape my college experience. I have an amazing support system through my family and the incredible friends I have made at this school. Thank you for the significant role you have played in this phase of my life.