Giving Impact Stories

Jeremy Quinteros

Grainger Engineer, 2022

I know that The Grainger College of Engineering is world-renowned for its high level of achievement and quality, and I felt a degree from here would open doors that otherwise would be inaccessible to me. Knowing that there are people who believe in my success, that they would help me financially has made me more confident that engineering is the career path for me. Receiving an Engineering Visionary Scholarship has allowed me to spend less time working and worrying about finances. I can focus on getting better grades and participating more in clubs that interest me, like Project Code, a student organization focused on professional development, as well as technical skills development related to coding and programming.

I wanted to become an engineer because I love learning about how and why the world works the way it does, and I always wanted to make my own impact on the future of technology. Electricity and electronics are an important aspect of the modern world and I wanted to help advance it further. I would love to work at a company working on machine learning or artificial intelligence. Working at companies like Tesla, YouTube, or Google that are leaders in the field of technology would be my dream job.

My message for aspiring engineering students who may also be the first in their families to attend college is: You are not alone. The university is full of wonderful, supporting communities for everyone and you are sure to find where you fit in if you make the effort and explore. For many students, your families and yourselves have likely worked hard and sacrificed much to get to where you are, and as aspiring engineering students, your hard work will surely make an impact in the future. For now, be proud of what you have achieved and where you stand and continue to work hard so that you may turn from aspiring engineering students into aspiring engineers.