Giving Impact Stories

Oscar Zepeda

Industrial and Enterprise Systems Engineering, 2022

“I am inspired to pay things forward by being a role model to those within my community and within my program, and to do my best to contribute in any way possible to society.”

Oscar Zepeda, a sophomore studying systems engineering choose to attend The Grainger College of Engineering because of its global reputation. Oscar shares, “People come from around the world to pursue a degree in their interests here. Illinois also has a very diverse student body, which keeps me open to different perspectives and ways to approach topics.”

Oscar is heavily involved on campus. He serves as a peer advisor for the International Programs in Engineering, where he advises students on study abroad opportunities and serves as a host for incoming exchange students. He also served as the External Vice President for the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers. In his free time, Oscar enjoys watching movies, listening to music, reading, and talking to his family.

Oscar is grateful to be a recipient of an Engineering Visionary Scholarship as it enabled him to attend school here. He explains, “My desire to attend this amazing institution was limited to what we could afford. This scholarship made everything within arm’s reach for me.” With an Engineering Visionary Scholarship, Oscar is “able to spend less time worrying about school payments and can focus on academics.” Oscar would like to thank the donors supporting his education and shares, “I keep these donors in mind when thinking of things that inspire me to do well in my classes.”