Giving Impact Stories

Vongai Tizora

Bioengineering, 2022

“Being surrounded by such extraordinary resources and students is a great source of motivation and inspiration for me.”

As a freshman in bioengineering, Vongai Tizora chose to attend The Grainger College of Engineering, “because I am pre-med and traditional pre-med majors like biology, chemistry, and biochemistry didn’t appeal to me, but bioengineering certainly did. Bioengineering is exciting for me because I’ll be able to innovate and change the way in which we develop solutions for the biological problems of the world.”

Vongai plans to become a physician, focusing on providing third-world countries and low-income communities affordable, efficient, and effective healthcare. She shares, “Because I am the daughter of two Zimbabwean immigrants, I have witnessed firsthand how great the demand for these services are throughout the world. With my donors believing in me and what I have to offer, I will be able to give back to the larger world.”

Vongai is a part of the Cancer Scholars Program, which prepares the next generation of physician scientists. The program links education with real-world issues and gives undergraduate students the opportunity work on world-changing research. One of her favorite classes in the program is Frontiers of Cancer Research, which introduced her to research methods and precautions that are being taken to one day eradicate cancer. Vongai is also heavily involved in campus activities. She serves as the Vice President of the Junior Executive Board of the National Society of Black Engineers, and holds a chair in Recruitment and Marketing for the American Medical Student Association. In her spare time, Vongai loves to read, write, and produce videos.

Vongai is grateful to be a recipient of the Engineering Visionary Scholarship. With her scholarship, Vongai is able to maintain active participation in her community as she continues to conduct research, volunteer, and participate in student organizations.