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Giving Impact Stories

Anthony Cloe

Aerospace Engineering, 2019

“Receiving my scholarship has further solidified my decision in pursuing my degree in the College of Engineering at Illinois… I think receiving gifts from donors is a great inspiration for me in my future. As I am finishing up my degree I will remember the kindness and generosity I received during my schooling and continue the tradition of “paying it forward” as I establish my career.”

Anthony Cloe, senior in Aerospace Engineering, chose the University of Illinois because “it was the best place for me to pursue my degree in Aerospace Engineering, while also being able to afford the tuition. As I was born and raised in Illinois, it was a natural choice from me to pursue my degree here.”

When asked about his favorite coursework in his 4 years here at the university, Anthony finds the most interest in his major-specific technical classes. Anthony enjoys the coursework because “even though they are more challenging, I love learning about every aspect of the field I will soon be establishing my career in.” Anthony believes that taking challenging coursework in a field of interest motivates him to strive for success in his intended field of study.

Anthony’s interest in the space sector of his Aerospace Engineering degree has translated well into his past internship; during the summer of 2017, Anthony worked with Teledyne Brown Engineering as the Space Systems Intern. He planned and designed 16 unique mockups of payloads currently on board the International Space Station and additionally tested mock-training scenarios in virtual reality environments. He hopes to continue projects similar to this postgraduation and is excited to enter either the space or defense industry.

In his free time, Anthony enjoys hiking, camping, fishing, taking pictures of nature, and anything that gives him the chance to explore the outdoors. He is grateful for the support this scholarship provides him because “both my brother and I are currently going to school…a scholarship takes the burden especially off of my mother, who is currently working two jobs to support my brother and I.” He is honored to be a 2018-2019 recipient of the Engineering Visionary Scholarship.