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Giving Impact Stories

Benita Ning

Mechanical Engineering, 2019

“This scholarship has allowed me to maintain a healthy and balanced life in college, which is an amazing feat to accomplish while at a highly competitive university like Illinois. I’ve been able to study abroad, conduct research domestically and abroad, and play a large role in clubs by volunteering my time to mentoring underclassmen.”

Benita Ning, a senior in Mechanical Engineering, chose to attend Illinois Engineering because she, “wanted to be surrounded by a diverse group of people, so I wanted to attend a large university like Illinois which excelled in multiple areas. I also wanted to be surrounded by engaged and intelligent peers. The prestigious and competitive Engineering program at Illinois provided me that and then some.”

Benita currently teaches an orientation class for freshman in Engineering and conducts research on thermoelectric materials. Benita formerly served on the executive board for the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and cited her reason for leaving as, “I wanted to let underclassmen have the opportunity to lead and be an outstanding member of the organization.” She felt that it was right for her to pass the torch. Benita is a strong advocate for empowering other students, “I love mentoring students and hope to join the Teach For America corps and encourage young students to pursue STEM careers in the future and aid in improving diversity within engineering.”

Benita loves to dance, take scenic walks, and go bouldering. Benita also has a deep sense of commitment to her friends and says, “I like reaching out to a friend I haven’t seen in a while and then catching up.”

Benita is thankful for her Engineering Visionary Scholarship, “I am so grateful for my decision to study at Illinois and feel that my life would be vastly different had I not attended or received this scholarship. Thank you.”