Giving Impact Stories

Lauren Schissler

Civil Engineering, 2022

“I am very thankful to receive financial assistance to attend Illinois Engineering. As a student here, I plan to pay it forward by being welcoming to all students to help create a positive community. Once I have achieved success and have financial resources of my own, I hope to be able to give someone else the same opportunities that I have at Illinois by potentially becoming a donor myself. I would be honored to help a deserving person attend Illinois Engineering, opening up a world of possibilities.”

Lauren Schissler, freshman in Civil Engineering, chose Illinois Engineering because “I wanted to pursue my degree at a University with a reputation for excellence, especially in engineering. I was impressed by the top-ranked Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and felt that the opportunities I would have as an Illinois engineer were unparalleled. Receiving information about my scholarship greatly influenced my decision to attend Illinois Engineering because I felt that the University of Illinois really wanted me as a student.“

Even though Lauren has just started her college career, she has already taken initiative to join campus organizations like the Marching Illini. Lauren enjoys playing the trumpet, stating that “I like the creativity that music requires, and I am also in awe of how it brings people together. Playing the trumpet gives me great satisfaction and joy.”

One of Lauren’s favorite classes this semester is SE 101, Engineering Graphics and Design. In this course, she has the opportunity to work on a semester-long design project where she will model a campus building using Revit. Lauren is excited to work on this project, as her group has chosen to model the Armory. As one of the more complex buildings on campus, Lauren feels this challenge will increase her knowledge of using modeling technology and will serve her well in the future.

In her free time, Lauren enjoys exercising at the ARC, playing sports with friends, and completing various arts and crafts projects. She is honored to be a 2018-2019 recipient of the Glenn E. Hodges Civil Engineering Assistance Grant, and emphasizes that “receiving my scholarship helps take some of the financial burden off of my family, which is definitely a relief. Once I graduate, I will be able to focus on moving forward in my career instead of worrying about paying back loans. I am very grateful to receive a scholarship.”