Information for Transfer Students

Grainger Engineering admits qualified transfer students from other colleges on campus, as well as community and four-year colleges. In order to best prepare for transfer admission, you will need to take the appropriate math and science courses and earn a very solid GPA.

Admission Requirements

To be considered for transfer admission to The Grainger College of Engineering, you should complete the following courses.The appropriate University of Illinois course is given in parenthesis.

  • English Composition (RHET 105, CMN 111+112, or ESL 115)
  • Calculus 1 and Calculus 2 (MATH 220 or 221 and MATH 231)
  • General Chemistry, normally a two-course sequence with both courses required (CHEM 102/103 and CHEM 104/105) – Note that some programs in the College of Engineering require only one semester of Chemistry (i.e., Aerospace, Computer Engineering, Electrical, Engineering Physics, General, Industrial, Computer Science, and Nuclear).
  • Engineering Physics, the first course in calculus-based mechanics (PHYS 211)

You are highly encouraged to complete more courses that will transfer to your desired program of study in order to have the most competitive application for admission. Please see the Transfer Handbook for more details.

GPA and Course Load

You must demonstrate mastery of subject matter by:

  • Earning a grade of ‘B’ or higher in the technical subjects (math, chemistry, physics, computer science, etc.)
  • Earning a 3.0/4.0 cumulative GPA for all courses completed
  • Maintaining a regular course load each semester (typically at least 2-3 technical subjects per term in addition to general education courses); see the Suggested Sequence in the Programs of Study page for guidance

Language Other than English (LOTE)

There is no longer a language requirement for transfer admission. However, completion through the third level of one LOTE, either in high school or college, is required for graduation from the College of Engineering. It is strongly recommended that transfer applicants complete this graduation requirement prior to transfer.

Engineering Pathways

Engineering Pathways is a guaranteed transfer admissions program to The Grainger College of Engineering for high-caliber students. The program has a selective admission process.

Learn more about Engineering Pathways

When to Apply

  • Your senior year of high school

Student Profile

  • The middle 50% of students in the program have ACT scores between 27 and 31
  • Earn mostly A’s and B’s in high school
  • Participate in many extracurricular activities in high school
  • Hold a genuine interest in engineering and want to use engineering to solve the challenges facing our society

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