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Honors Contract

Your honors contract

You will work with a departmental honors advisor to develop an individualized honors contract online. This is normally done during the 3rd or 4th semester.

Your contract will:

  • State the purpose of your proposed honors program
  • Describe how the planned activities support your purpose
  • Include a minimum of 12 graded credit hours, which must contain at least 2 advanced-level courses
  • May be formulated completely with courses or with courses and a bachelor's thesis, laboratory project, or design project
  • Comprised completely of course work inside or outside the department of a student's major discipline should be clearly tailored to the individual student's needs and interests and should demonstrate some measure of individual study For example, one or more of the courses selected should require a major research paper or an equivalent effort.
  • May include up to six hours of credits for senior thesis, independent study or research in the home department. In this case, the other six hours of credit is expected to be supportive of the research work.

Each department will be free to set more specific requirements for its students for acceptable honors contracts provided these requirements do not violate the minimum overall standards of the Upperclass James Scholar Program.

Guidelines for Three Honors Contracts

1. Non-Technical Honors Contracts

  • At least two advanced-level courses, normally 400-level courses
  • Coherent with an academic goal
  • Second degree programs and campus minors are viable contracts

2. Technical Honors Contracts Outside Department

  • At least two 400-level courses
  • Engineering and campus minors, including the international minor, are viable contracts
  • Second BS degree programs in a technical field are viable contracts

3. Technical Honors Contracts Inside Department

  • Must include at least two 400-level courses
  • A higher GPA requirement for all technical contracts may be imposed by the department when the bulk of the coursework is within the respective department Minors

Note: Most minors can be used as honors contracts. However, Computer Engineering majors may not use the CS Minor.

Honors Contract Forms: