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The Center for Academic Resources in Engineering (CARE) enhances the learning experience for all undergraduate engineering students through academic support, enhancing collaborative learning opportunities, and providing positive influence through peer mentoring.

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You're getting the opportunity to perform groundbreaking research, to start new businesses, to work with your peers across disciplines on complex modern challenges, to see the world and develop the skills to make a real impact. 

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Grainger Engineering is invested in your success when you’re a student and a graduate. Our specialized centers provide the resources to make you the most-prepared job candidates upon graduation.

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If you're looking to make your innovative ideas a reality, we have plenty of ways to help. Whether you're looking to become better in buisness, or have an idea you want to get off the ground, there are plenty of places you can turn.

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Our student support programs and student organizations are the heart of the Grainger Engineering community and Grainger Engineering is dedicated to producing the best innovative and creative leaders. 

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At Grainger Engineering, you have world-class facilities and labs at your fingertips. No matter where you are in your journey, we have the tools that will help you be successful.