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ECE 205 - Electrical and Electronic Circuits

Summer 2023

Electrical & Electronic CktsABO39231OLB01100 - 1250 W    Jonathon Kenneth Schuh
Electrical & Electronic CktsALO38650OLC30850 - 0950 MTWRF    Jonathon Kenneth Schuh

Course Description

ECE 205 is an introductory course on circuit analysis and electronics for non-majors in engineering. The course includes bi-weekly electronics lab experiments designed to provide students with hands-on experience. Basic principles of circuit analysis and DC circuits; time-domain analysis of 1st and 2nd order linear circuits; complex numbers, phasors, AC steady-state analysis; frequency response; op-amp, diode, and BJT circuits; logic gates and digital logic circuits. Credit is not given to Computer or Electrical Engineering majors.

Credit Hours

3 hours


University Physics: Elec. & Mag. / PHYS 212.